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"They conquer who believe they can"

various facilities and associations for the development of the pupils academically, spiritually, morally and physically. And just as the majestic oak grows from a little acorn, so have the Order of the Good Shepherd Sisters and the Convent grown during these 125 years in size, stature and eminence to rank as one of the leading girls' schools in Sri Lanka today.

A short chronicle of this nature would not be complete without recalling some of the names of those great religious Sisters who as superiors or principals helped to make Good Shepherd what it is today. They were then addressed as "Reverend Mother" but in the past Vatican II era came to be called "Sister".

Mothers Immaculate Conception (29
years at GSC), Elizabeth (50 years at GSC), Cuthbert, Isidore, Luigenia, St Benedict, Nativity, Our Lady, John Eudes, Compassion, Francis of Assisi and Finbarr. Sisters Lourdes, Paiva (the first Sri Lankan to be Sister Superior), Marianne Wenaden (the first Shepherdian to serve as Superior) and Solange Fernando who guided the School during the difficult years of the post take-over period, have also association with the School.

Incidentally, it was Mother St Gerald who introduced the House system in the late 1930s, with house mistresses being Miss Shirley Perera (Lily), Miss Consy Muller (Marguerite), Miss Marie Muller (Rose) and Mrs Ula Andriesz (Violet).

Linking the Past
In 1915, Mother Mary of St Aloysius, who had already been in Ceylon for 25 years initiated a move to form an Association of Past Pupils, and today, in addition to the PPA in Colombo, very active branches have been established in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada as well.

In 1984 the Association of Past Teachers was formed and now the circle is complete, linking the past with the present.

125th Anniversary Celebrations (1869-1994)
The celebrations duly commenced on 20th May 1994 with a thanksgiving Mass by the Archbishop and five other bishops at St Lucia's Cathedral, at which the entire community of Good Shepherd Sisters was present. The

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